Our Equipment

Our Equipment

In order to be successful polishing concrete you must first have the right equipment. These machines are very expensive and are what set a few of us professionals apart from other contractors . A company that bids the job 30% cheaper than us but shows up with equipment that plugs in to a 110 outlet is not going to produce the same floor we can. If you choose a contractor with experience and the ability or access to use the right tools you will end up satisfied with your project and saving money from costly mistakes. Please do the research and ask questions such as the following before you choose your contractor. Why are you so much cheaper? What equipment do you use? How long have you been polishing concrete? We would rather lose a bid to a qualified contractor with good equipment than someone who has been trying to get in the field and wants to practice on your floor with some beefed up buffers. Let us show you what some professional polishing machines would look like.

Some of our equipment:

STI-4430 Prep/Master®

  • The STI-4430 is a 480 volt 3 phase variable speed machine and is made for jobs bigger than 20,000 sq. ft. This machine is 44” wide with a 30hp motor (480v/3ph) and weighs around 1,300lbs with the weights. It is a huge machine and usually only used in large areas or on large concrete slabs before the walls have been framed. The 12 heads on this beast will get the concrete really smooth and flat and is ideal for polishing concrete floors.

  • This machine can be used for surface prep, floor leveling, concrete grinding, exposing aggregate, coatings removal, maintenance as well as concrete polishing.

HTC 800

  • The HTC 800 is a 480 volt 3 phase variable speed machine. It is 32” and about 800 lbs with weights. This model is fitted with an 15hp motor (480v/3ph) and is fitted with three 10” grinding discs. This machine is ideal for 2000-5000 sq. ft. commercial concrete flooring jobs and produces a beautiful polished concrete floor. HTC Superfloor™ – Approved Equipment

  • This machine can be used for grinding concrete, surface preparation, exposed aggregate floors, to flatten concrete, refinish terrazzo, maintenance as well as polished concrete.

HTC 500

The HTC 500 is a 230 volt single phase machine with infinitely variable speed, providing increased capacity. The motor is extra tolerant to voltage drop which allows it to run more smoothly. It is an effective machine with a very high capacity for its size. It is 22” wide with a 7.5hp motor (230/1ph) equipped with three 8” grinding heads and used mainly for producing ground polished concrete floors on residential or small commercial flooring projects. HTC Superfloor™ – Approved Equipment
This machine can be used for coarse grinding, preparation, grinding, epoxy removal, thinset removal and maintenance as well as polishing. It is a small but powerful multi machine. It is ideal for residential or small commercial floors.
** We also have dust collection equipment along with our own 35kw generator to supply our own power when necessary.