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Stained Concrete

What is Stained Concrete?

Concrete staining is a process that involves the coloring of a concrete surface.There are many different types of stains and each one has its benefits depending on the surface condition. Most traditional acid stains come in mainly earthy tones while concrete dyes can achieve more vivid and bold color choices. It is very common today to see colored concrete in and around both commercial and residential properties. Stained concrete is a process where a liquid stain is poured, brushed or sprayed on the cement. It takes either a chemical reaction(acid stain) or penetrating the surface(dyes and water based stains) to receive the desired color and effect.. This type of task really does require the services of a professional concrete company in order to get the best results for your application. In order to get the best staining results, it is important that your concrete surface to be prepared properly and free surface contaminants or coatings. This requires some specific equipment and can be very labor intensive. New concrete surfaces may be stained after at least two weeks from being poured but will need to cure for 28 days in normal conditions before a topical sealer is applied.


We have been in business staining concrete for almost 10 years now. Let us use our experience and knowledge to create the look you have been visualizing for your space. Most of our employees have had many years in this field and will work with quality and client satisfaction in mind. Our workmanship has earned us the reputation of being a leading concrete staining and concrete polishing contractor in the Central Texas and Austin, Texas area. Please allow our professionals to assist you with your next decorative concrete project. From commercial flooring to patios, driveways and garages, we will help guide you through the process and ensure that you are completely happy with the end result. Estimates are free and just a phone call away.


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