Concrete Resurfacing

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Concrete Resurfacing

At AllStar Stained Concrete in Austin Texas, we are concrete flooring specialists, providing expert services and consultation, including polished concrete and resurfacing inAustin to the Industrial, Commercial and Residential Construction industries. We provide flooring solutions for concrete preparation, concrete restoration and floor coating projects.
Our services range from the concrete preparation stages involving concrete grinding and shot blasting to the application of Cementious overlays and protective coatings. This includes the application of self leveling overlays, trowel down overlays, stamped overlays, vertical wall treatments, or industrial grade epoxy floor coatings and polyurethane concrete sealers. Our extensive experience within the concrete installation and flooring industries has lead us to become one of the area leaders in the application and installation of decorative concrete floors and coatings. Our decorative concrete surfaces are beautiful yet sustainable at the same time. There are many application techniques, patterns and colors to choose from to fit your specific project.

In a constantly evolving practice we pride ourselves on using the latest technology in resurfacing products and dust free surface preparation equipment available. Our overlays and coatings include the latest technology in environmentally friendly products and we offer complete product range that is eco-friendly.


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