Concrete Grinding

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Concrete Grinding

AllStar Stained Concrete offers professional diamond grinding service. Our quality service will restore or prepare any concrete surface according to project requirements. Our combination of experience and specialized equipment allows us to deliver a cost effective and quality product on time.

Diamond Grinding is used for:

1. Removal of adhesives and thinset

2. Leveling uneven concrete

3. Rain affected slabs

4. Surface Preparation for coatings and coverings

5. Surface Preparation for overlays

6. Paint and epoxy removal

7. Aggregate exposure on concrete floors

Exposed Aggregate Floors – achieved by grinding the surface of the concrete to remove the layer of cement paste to expose the aggregate or stones within the concrete or topping mix. The surface is then sealed or polished using progressively finer grinding pads depending on desired look.

1. Sealers are applied to prevent staining of the surface and create a slight luster to the floor.

2. Polishing the floor creates more of a high natural shine while leaving the surface extremely durable and resistant to scratching.

A variety of colored stone aggregates as well as glass aggregates can be added to the mix for a new pour in anticipation of being exposed. This will create a truly unique floor similar to terrazzo. Please contact us to request a free quote for diamond grinding your concrete floor.


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